Peripheral Executive Positions

  • Internal Assistant

    The Internal position will act as a primary assistant to the Executive Team, and the Vice-President Administration in particular. This includes recording meeting minutes, creating the weekly agendas, organizing staff appreciation events, maintaining the Society Office, etc.

  • Society Administrator

    The Society Administrator will be responsible for overseeing and monitoring the day to day activities of all McMaster Social Sciences Society Program Societies. The Society Administrator serves as a liaison between the MSSS and Program Society Executive Teams, in order to ensure the effective distribution of information and proper execution of MSSS Operating Policies and guidelines.

  • Formal Committee

    The Formal Committee will be responsible for assisting the Vice-President Programming in the execution of the MSSS Formal

  • Outreach Coordinator

    The Outreach Coordinator position is responsible for the MSSS’s participation in charitable and external events. Each year the Coordinator will be responsible for taking part in a minimum of three (3) external events or initiatives specific to some sort cause or charity.

  • Media & Design Coordinator

    The Media and Design Coordinator is responsible for the creation of all promotional material for the MSSS and their events. These responsibilities include designing, printing, and ordering of promotional materials (posters, flyers, tickets, online advertisements, etc.).

  • Photography Coordinator

    The Photography Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring high quality photos are taken at all MSSS events for promotional use by the MSSS.

  • Chief Returning Officer

    The CRO is the main point of contact for candidates running for Core Executive positions, and will be trained in the rules and regulations of the MSSS elections. They shall manage all aspects of the elections.

  • Wellness Liaison

    The Wellness Liaison includes being responsible for ensuring that students within the MSSS are taking care of their mental health, and are aware of the resources available to them. They shall create wellness events/initiatives throughout the year.

  • Sponsorship Coordinator

    This position involves coordinating and maintaining a marketing plan for the MSSS Sponsorship Program, in order to meet or exceed the overall business objectives. Responsibilities include reaching out to potential community partners, making col-calls, sponsor prospecting, proposal creation and presentation, sponsor management, and sponsor follow-up and support.


Internal Assistant Application
Society Administrator Application
Formal Committee Application
Outreach Coordinator Application
Media and Design Coordinator Application
Photography Coordinator Application
Chief Returning Officer Application
Wellness Liaison Application
Sponsorship Coordinator Application

Student Representatives

Every year student representatives are hired to be a part of the MSSS team. Student reps aim to plan events throughout the year under the supervision of the VP Programming.

The following is a list of available Student Representative positions: 

  • 2 x First Year Representatives

    Responsbile for planning programming and events aimed at first year social sciences students.

  • 3 x Student Representatives

    Responsbile for planning programming and events for all social sciences students.


Executive Elections


Every year at the end of January, nominations are opened up for candidates wishing to run for the position of President of the McMaster Social Sciences Society.

  • President

    Responsible for setting the direction and vision of the MSSS Executive and preparing the Society year plan.

Presidential Nomination Form


Following this election, nominations open up for the following positions:

  • Vice President Administration

    Responsible for the internal communication of the Society, as well as facilitating applications, evaluations and hiring. While also acting as the presidents primary advisor.

  • Vice President Finance

    Responsbile for the finances of the MSSS, and keeping proper books of accounts for the MSSS.

  • Vice President Programming

    Responsible for the planning and implementation of social events for the MSSS as well as overseeing and managing the Year Representatives and assisting in their contributions to all events.

  • Vice President Academic

    Responsible for organizing and planning academic events, and acts as an advocate on behalf of social sciences student’s academic conners.

  • Vice President External Communications

    Responsible for the positive external image of the MSSS, including the website and all social media. Further acts as a liaison between the Student Representative Assembly (SRA) and the general student members.

Campaigns generally run for one week, followed by a two day election period. For more information regarding the election process contact our CRO, at

Executive Nomination Form

Important Documents

Welcome Week

Welcome Week Planners

Every year, the MSSS hires three Welcome Week Planners to recruit a team of reps, train them, and organize how Social Sciences will run Welcome Week to ensure that incoming first years will have a memorable first week at McMaster!
The hiring process will take place in late January and involves an application and interview process. After being selected for the position, the planners begin to brainstorm ideas, looking at the turnover reports from previous years, and eventually developing a budget that must be approved by the incoming executive members of the MSSS. As well, in February or March, the planners must conduct interviews with potential reps and recruit a team before the term ends.

Want to apply?


Welcome Week Planner Application

Blu Cru

Our Welcome Week Reps aren’t just reps, they’re members of the Blu Cru; it is a full year commitment, and are not limited to bringing the fun and energy during Welcome Week! They dedicate their love and joy to bringing first years and students in the Social Sciences the best undergraduate years of their life.

Blu Cru members are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the bees knees, the cherry on top. Blu Cru members help out with our events, whether they help plan or run it or they just show up, they’re always around supporting Soc Sci.

If having tons of fun at Soc Sci events sounds like your kind of thing, why not join?! Apply to be a Welcome Week Rep for next September!

If you would like more information about being a Welcome Week Rep, please email our planners at


Returning Rep Application
New Rep Application

Mentorship Applications

Interested in becoming apart of the MSSS Mentorship program? Click on the applications below, mentors are in 3rd and 4th year, and mentees are in 1st and 2nd year! If you have any questions contact MSSS Vice-President Administration, at, or MSSS Vice-President Academic, at!



Faculty Cup

All the faculties rocked Welcome Week 2018, we are especially proud of our McMaster Social Sciences Societies Blu Cru team for pulling out all the stops throughout the week. They constantly adhered to the Core Values and Guiding Principles of Welcome Week, and continue to show McMaster spirit throughout the school year. If you are in your first year at Mac, we hope #WW2019 gave you a chance to meet some of the wonderful people that will make you glad you chose McMaster and proud to say #IAMSOCSCI

Welcome Week Values & Guiding Principles:

Equality: First-year students join the University community with all the rights of those already here. They are given the support and assistance which new members of the community require.

Freedom of Choice: First-year students are encouraged to participate in transition and orientation events and programs of their choosing and comfort level. However, they are free to choose when and how they would like to join in or to even decline participation if they wish.

Individuality and Celebration of Diversity: First-year students have the right to express their individuality and celebrate their culture, gender, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and political affiliation.

Privacy: First-year students have a right to private space and time.

Safety: First-year students have a right to a safe environment free from harassment and discrimination.

Soc Sci Cheers

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