Madeleine Raad


Goals for the MSSS

My goal for the MSSS this year is to ensure that we, as an Executive team, are creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all Social Sciences students. I want the McMaster Social Sciences Society to act as the main support system for our student body, as well as provide different opportunities in leadership, academics and gaining relevant experience that will help you in the future.

Year Plan

Program and Level:  Geography and Environmental Studies with a Minor in Sustainability V

My favourite thing about McMaster: has got to be that we are located in such a cool city! You can drive 10 minutes one way, and be in the heart of downtown surrounded by art, delicious food and historic infrastructure. Then you can drive 10 minutes another way and be hiking through the Hamilton waterfalls!

What I wish I knew in first year: The biggest things that comes to mind when I look back on my first year, is wishing that I took advantage of all of the different courses that are offered in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Coming out of high school I was dead set on one specific program, and it wasn’t until my second year of university that I realized how many amazing courses and disciplines are offered.

A lesser known about me: is I lived in Dubai, UAE from 2005 to 2012!

Reasons to Contact Me: Feel free to contact me about ANYTHING! I am here as support for the entire Social Sciences student body! My door is always open if you ever need someone to hear you out, if you need guidance, or if you feel like there are ways that the MSSS can improve.