Arjay Villasis


Goals for the MSSS

My main focus for this years MSSS is to continue to foster and maintain the strong working relationship with the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as Experiential Education. I want to further develop and facilitate new means of student involvement and opportunities for students to explore within the realm of Social Sciences, while also increasing the output of academic events for Social Sciences students in order to help show the benefits of a degree in Social Sciences.

Year Plan

Program and Level: Honours Economics III

Why I came to Mac:

What I do Outside Mac: 

Lesser Known Fact About Me:

Reasons to Contact Me

  • You are wanting to learn more about the McMaster Social Sciences Society
  • You are excited to get involved with the McMaster Science Society & might need ideas on where to get started
  • You have ideas, projects, feedback and/or initiatives that can help improve the experience of science students
  • Looking for a new friend and want to have a chat!