McMaster Anthropology Society (MAS)


The McMaster Anthropology Society, or MAS, is a recognized and funded club at McMaster University, and it is our responsibility and mission to provide anthropology students at McMaster with the opportunities and tools they need to engage the anthropological community at Mac.

Anthropology demands the open-mindedness with which one must look and listen, record in astonishment and wonder that which one would not have been able to guess. -Margaret Mead

Some of our annual events include:

  • Meet the Department, where students can meet the faculty in an informal setting
  • Careers Night, where presentations and Q&A sessions are held about careers in anthropology outside of the academic world
  • Field School and Grad School Info Nights, where students can learn about opportunities for hands on learning in the field and applying for MA and PhD programs
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium, where undergrad students have a chance to present some of their original work to faculty and peers and have their work published
  • Social events that allow students to get involved in the community and get to know their peers
  • And much more!

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Office: Chester New Hall, Room 524

McMaster Economics Society (MES)

The McMaster Economics Society at the Department of Economics, McMaster University is a student-run organization dedicated to enhancing the experience of all students with a passion for Economics. We aim to provide a platform for Economics students to engage in academic and social settings outside of the classroom. The McMaster Economics Society has a series of events throughout the school year that assist students in learning about the academic and career opportunities available to them.  Events like Meet the Profs, Federal Job Information Session, EconTalks and others, give students the chance to build networks with individuals in the Department as well as Professionals.  Furthermore, our social events provide students the chance to interact with their peers in a low pressure environment.


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Office: Kenneth Taylor Hall, Room 426

Geography and Earth Sciences Society (GESS)


The Geography and Earth Science Society represents the undergraduate students in the School of Geography and Earth Science at McMaster. We do this by running a number of Social, Academic and Networking events where we work with a number of faculty and industrial leaders to bring a variety of research and career opportunities to students. We also work closely with a number of organizations such as the American Association of Petroleum Geology (AAPG) Student Chapter, Geographers Without Borders, and the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO), to run additional events to apply to a larger audience of undergraduate students with a number of differing study interests.
What makes GESS such a unique program society is the fact that we have both Science and Social Science students, which makes the collaboration between students interesting and refreshing. The integration of various streams of geography, environmental and earth sciences makes for exciting events and conversation. We look forward to working together this year to have another fun, and successful year.


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Office: Burke Science Building, Room 346

Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 11:30am – 3:30pm

Health, Aging, and Society Student Association (HASSA)

The Health, Aging, and Society Student Association (HASSA) is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the awareness and study of issues related to health and aging. HASSA hopes to bring together students with similar interests through academic, recreational, and social activities. The main objective of the association is to provide opportunities for discussions related to health and aging to occur outside of the classroom and in the community.HASSA is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the study of Health & Aging. We are here to represent you, McMaster Students, through academic, social, athletic, recreational, and cultural activities for HASSA members.

We wish to provide opportunities that will shift from the classroom to the community. We also wish to advocate for older adults rights and expose the community to issues concerning aging.

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Labour Studies Student Association (LSSA)

Labour Studies Student Association – McMaster University. Operate as a liaison between academic labour studies and its application in the real world.


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McMaster Political Sciences Student Association (MPSSA)

The McMaster Political Science Students Association is run solely by undergraduate political science students just like you! The MPSSA works intimately with the department of Political Science as well as with other clubs and companies to provide students with opportunities to meet professors, fellow political science students, and important political members of the community. The goal is to give students the opportunity to network and develop relationships that will be beneficial to them in their academic career.


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Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour Society (PNB)

The McMaster Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour (PNB) Society provides exciting, informative, and accessible events to students and faculty with any interest in psychology. We provide students with forums to interact with professors and to make connections with their peers in their own program, as well as related programs. Events are geared towards both academic and social environments. Some yearly events we plan include: Wine and Cheese Academic Networking Event, Destressor Events, Pub Nights, and our Freudian Formal. The PNB Society strives to provide students of all psychology backgrounds and interests with opportunities that facilitate networking and celebrate common interests. The PNB Mentorship Program provides an avenue for connecting new students and upper year students. The PNB Ambassador Program allows select students to be the liaison between different cohorts of the PNB program, and to aid in the promotion and carrying out of events. The purpose of the PNB Society is to provide resources to interested students not only within the program, but within the larger campus community that shares an interest in psychology as well. The goal of the McMaster PNB Society is to encourage students to make the most of all the educational opportunities the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour offers, and to become involved in social events and activities that create and enhance relationships between and within cohorts.

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Office: Psychology Building, Room 209

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Society, Culture and Religion Scholars (SCaRS)

The purpose of the McMaster Society, Culture and Religion Scholars   is to create connections between students and faculty in the Religious Studies department at McMaster University. We want to encourage students to pursue a degree within our program to expand their knowledge of various cultures and religions around the world. As the world continues to become more multi-cultural, it is up to us as students to learn about the diverse backgrounds of people around us. As a student association, we want to teach our students about different religious and cultural ideologies that can create awareness and conversation within the McMaster community. 

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McMaster Social Psychology Society

The purpose of the McMaster Social Psychology Society is to unite students enrolled in Social Psychology and provide academic resources and socializing opportunities to them.  Are you currently enrolled in the Honours Social Psychology Program at Mac? Or maybe you’ve just applied for it? Or maybe you’re looking to join the program in the near future? Well, regardless, if you’re interested in Social Psychology this is the group you NEED to join!

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McMaster University School of Social Work Student Association (MUSSWSA)

The McMaster University School of Social Work Student Association (MUSSWSA) is dedicated to providing an unbiased, accessible outlet for students’ voices to be heard, and the promotion and integration of studies within the School of Social Work. The association promotes and encourages student involvement in community outreach activities, interfaculty development, and peer-to-peer mentorship.

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McMaster Sociology Society

The McMaster Sociology Society has both an academic and a social purpose. We organize events that enable students to gain more information about sociology, and the endless opportunities that one has with the degree. We also provide opportunities to meet professors, graduate students, and other sociology students in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Besides the many events that are academically oriented, we have social gatherings for sociology students. The purpose is to establish an opportunity for students to be involved within the school, get to know the program better, and enjoy University more.

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McMaster Sociology Society

Office: Kenneth Taylor Hall, Room 601