The Meducator!

The Meducator is McMaster University’s undergraduate health sciences journal, and publishes a variety of pieces in many subject areas, including biochemistry, biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, global health, health policy, and health ethics. Since its inception 10 years ago, it has provided undergraduate students with a unique platform in which to publish their research. In biyearly issues, we print articles written by students that undergo a rigorous peer-editing process by The Meducator editorial board, and by experts (such as PhDs and MDs) in the field.

They are currently in the process of recruiting a new Creative Director for their Graphic Design and Layout team for the upcoming academic year (2012-2013).  

The deadline for submitting the Creative Director application is Thursday May 24th at 11:59pm. Applicants should send their completed applications to:

Finally, another important way in which students can become involved with The Meducator is by writing for them. The Meducatorfeatures Research Insight articles, which showcase original research that students are involved in, as well as Critical Reviewarticles that analyze or discuss a particular issue in the health sciences field. Guidelines for how to write articles in either format are available on their website (, under “Submission Guidelines and Policies”.