VP Academic

Tanisha Palmer

Email: vpacademic@themsss.com

Goals for the MSSS

The MSSS has already done so much for social science students but there is always room for improvement! My personal goal for the MSSS is to make sure all the academic programs, resources and opportunities that are accessible to all students! Our MSSS Core Executive team should be a group of friendly faces that you can come to with any concerns, or even just to chat!

Year Plan

Program and level: Health and Society with a Minor in Linguistics III

My Favourite thing about McMaster: If I had to pick just one thing, my favourite thing about McMaster would be the diversity within its extra curricular clubs! Clubs fest is one of my favourite days and I believe it represents how McMaster truly can be home for everyone no matter what their interests might be!

Something I wish I knew in First Year is: First year is a huge learning experience, but that’s okay, it’s supposed to be! One thing I wish I knew in first year is that it is okay to ask for academic support and I wish I knew about all the amazing resources, not just McMaster but specifically the faculty of social sciences offers. The staff truly care, never hesitate to ask a question, this is about your future!

Lesser known fact about me is: I am really afraid of dinosaurs 🙁 and I really love pigs!

Reasons to Contact Me: I am always here to help in any way I can! Of course specific academic questions such as how to qualify for internships, about our mentorship program, what academic awards social science students can receive or even how to complete a diploma while in your undergrad I am here! But I’m also here to chat about anything MSSS, social science or McMaster related! Whether you see me on campus or want to sit down and chat, don’t hesitate to say hi and reach out!