VP Administration

Lauren Breen

Email: vpadmin@themsss.com

Goals for the MSSS

Goals Coming Soon!!

Year Plan

Program:  Health, Aging and Society III

My favourite thing about McMaster: has to be the community as a whole. everyone is so supportive and inclusive, I feel like I am included in every possible way on campus. If I need anything or simply want to talk to someone, there are always amazing resources available!

What I wish I knew in first year: is that marks do not define you. It is okay to get a “bad” mark on an essay or exam, there are always people available to help you and support you along your academic journey and it is important to move on from it!

Fun fact about me: I am the only one in my family who has red hair and is left handed!

Reasons to contact me:

  • You want to chat about literally anything, i love coffee so if you would like to go for a coffee date and chat i would love that!
  • You have questions about social science courses and second year programs!
  • You want to become more involved with the MSSS or have questions about our exec team!
My Year Plan