VP External

Linda Cabral

Email: vpexternal@themsss.com

Goals for the MSSS

My goal for the MSSS is to increase awareness amongst students about events and activities going on! I want to see more students getting involved and enjoying everything the Social Sciences Society has to offer!

Year Plan

Program: Honours Social Psychology (III)

Why I came to Mac: 

What I do outside of Mac:

Lesser known fact about me: 

Reasons to Contact Me

  • You’d love to know more about the MSSS and/or how to get involved (no it doesn’t matter what year you’re in, and yes you have valuable input!)
  • You have some ideas to brainstorm about how to connect Mac students to the greater community.
  • You want to provide feedback on an event/service/charity/etc.
  • You’re part of a different faculty/organization and you want to collaborate.
  • You’d like to know more or clarify something about an MSSS-related event.
  • You feel like making my day exponentially better