VP External

Melissa Darby

Email: vpexternal@themsss.com

Goals for the MSSS

My overall goal for the MSSS is to improve the external presentation of the MSSS, including social media, the website, and within the community. I hope to increase the visibility of the MSSS to Social Sciences students, and to the general McMaster community, to increase collaboration and engagement.

Year Plan

Program: Social Work Specialization in Child Welfare

My favourite thing about McMaster: is the people I have met here, who have become my best friends. Also, there are so many opportunities to pursue what you are interested in, including volunteering, clubs, societies, etc.

What I wish I knew in first year: That it is okay to not get the best grade on a paper or test, you just need to pick yourself up from it. Also, that just because of a bad grade you can still get into the second-year program you want.

Fun Fact About Me: I have three dogs, a Snorkie (Tux), a Yorkie (Toby), and a Morkie (Sadie), and Sadie had five puppies last year, but they were put up for adoption. Always down to see pictures of cute dogs!!

Reasons to Contact Me:

  • You have any feedback or suggestions on how the MSSS can continue to thrive and improve!!
  • You would like to become more involved within the MSSS, or just want to hear more about who we are!
  • You have questions about your program (I can help out with any social work questions or can connect you with your specific program society)!!
  • You have questions about my position, or just want to talk in general (ask me for bubble tea!!)