VP External

Korin Visca

Email: vpexternal@themsss.com

Goals for the MSSS

Watching the MSSS grow each year encourages me to offer a new perspective while assisting in improving the external presentation of the MSSS. I intend to create connections, build relationships and reach out to students in order to have more Social Sciences students engage with our amazing faculty.

Year Plan

Program: Political Science (Specialization in Public Law and Judicial Studies) IV

My favourite thing about McMaster : 
There are so many ways to GET INVOLVED, there is a group or club for absolutely everyone and everything! McMaster is indefinitely diverse and it pertains to ALL! So many ways to get yourself involved and participate within our McMaster community
What I wish I knew in first year:
In my first year I really wish I knew all about the wonderful services McMaster had and how to utilize them. I wish I knew then that it was okay to reach out and ask for help or to acquire support when needed! McMaster is full or support and student services, I encourage all incoming first years to utilize them to the best of their ability!

Fun fact about me:  My hometown is Niagara falls & my second home is Thode so come say hi and visit me!!

Reasons to Contact Me

  • You would like to become involved within the MSSS or McMaster in general (I have lots of knowledge on clubs and volunteer work!)
  • You have feedback or ideas on how the MSSS can continue to thrive (We want to hear from you!!)
  • You have any questions about courses (I am a political science expert and can connect you with someone from your program! )
  • You’re part of a different faculty/organization and you want to collaborate.
  • You just want to chat or make a new friend!! (we can go for tea, I will even buy)