VP Programming

Irada Askarova

Email: vpprogramming@themsss.com

Goals for the MSSS

To increase first years’ comprehension of the Social Sciences faculty and the services it provides. For Experiential Education and MSSS to develop more events together. To boost Social Sciences’ students involvement in MSSS programming. To create and maintain a stronger cohesion within the faculty, and among programs

Year Plan

Program and level: Honours Labour Studies (Level III)

Why I came to Mac: 

What I do outside of Mac: 

Lesser Known Fact About Me: 

Reasons to Contact Me

  • You want to know more about how to get involved with social sciences!
  • You have some awesome event ideas that you want to see happen!
  • You want to find out more about all the events that are currently going on!
  • You are in another faculty and want to collaborate with us to do some super a cool new event!
  • You just want to say hi!
  • Shoot me an E-mail or Facebook message and I will usually respond within the day!