VP Programming

Maryam Denno

Email: vpprogramming@themsss.com

Goals for the MSSS

My goal for this year is to create a well-rounded event experience for all Social Sciences students. I hope to do this by increasing collaboration and accessibility, all while boosting student engagement and helping students create a bond with the MSSS, in the same way I have. I hope that these events will be a way for Social Sciences’ students to meet one another and that these events become a true reflection of Social Sciences’ students unique interests and needs, which can only happen by keeping the voices of the students of our faculty in mind!

Year Plan

Program and level: Social Psychology & a business studies certificate III

My Favourite thing about McMaster: The sense of community at McMaster is like no other. Everyone is so friendly and always ready to help. Everyone is so proud to be a Marauder and it reflects in how welcoming the atmosphere is on campus, it truly makes McMaster my home away from home!

What I wish I knew in First Year: I wish I knew to take advantage of all the amazing courses available here at McMaster. I wish I knew to take more risks when choosing courses because you may be surprised at what you find to be interesting. First year is the time to explore your interests and tailor your education plan to what makes you happy. As a first year, I also wish I knew of all the amazing resources and opportunities available at McMaster to help every student succeed.

A fun fact about me: I’m terrified of butterflies!

Reasons to contact me: Feel free to contact me about any of the MSSS’ social events or if you have any questions or concerns about our upcoming events! I am always open to feedback! I’d love to chat about anything Soc Sci or McMaster! Feel free to shoot me an email at vpprogramming@themsss.com

My Year Plan