Welcome Week

Welcome Week Planners

About Me

Olivia Partridge (she/her), 4th year Honours Social Work with a minor in Social Justice and Inclusive Communities. A fun fact is that I am afraid of moths!

Olivia Partridge

Position: Welcome Week Planner

Email: wwplanners@themsss.com

Program: Honours Social Work IV Minor in Social Justice and Inclusive Communities

About Me

Dakota Schleichkorn (she/her), 4th year Honours Human Behaviour with a Specialization in Autism & Behavioural Science. A fun fact is that I used to ski race!

Dakota Schleichkorn

Position: Welcome Week Planner

Email: wwplanners@themsss.com

Program: Honours Human Behaviour Sp. Autism & Behavioural Science IV

About Me

Spencer Metcalfe (she/her), 3rd year Honours Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, Mental Health Specialization. A fun fact is that I am terrified of birds!

Spencer Metcalfe

Position: Welcome Week Planner

Email: wwplanners@themsss.com

Program: Honours Psychology Neuroscience and Behaviour Sp. Mental Health III

Role of the faculty planners:
The Social Sciences Faculty Welcome Week Planners act as a liaison between the McMaster Social Science Society, the Social Science faculty, the McMaster Student Union and many other university groups in order to bring Welcome Week to life! They lead Blu Cru in welcoming the incoming class and plan the programming for the Social Science faculty during Welcome Week.  

What we hope to achieve:
As a team we work hard to maintain the spirit and cohesion amongst the Social Science students through the promotion and facilitation of Welcome Week and all other McMaster Social Science Society events throughout the academic year. Blu Cru hopes to foster a positive environment where students feel included, comfortable, seen and heard!

Welcome Week Representatives

Our Welcome Week Reps aren’t just reps, they’re members of Blu Cru; it is a full year commitment, and are not limited to bringing the fun and energy during Welcome Week! Blu Cru is a Welcome Week Representative team operated by Peripheral members of the MSSS. The team is comprised of approximately 120+ upper year students, whose goal is to help transition the incoming class! They dedicate their love and joy to bringing first years and students in the Social Sciences the best undergraduate years of their life. Blu Cru members are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the bees knees, the cherry on top. Blu Cru members help out with our events, whether they help plan or run it. They are always around supporting Soc Sci! If having tons of fun at Soc Sci events sounds like your kind of thing, why not join?! Apply to be a Welcome Week Rep for next September! 

*Applications are currently CLOSED*.

Our Team

Core Executive Team

The core executive team makes up the heart of the MSSS, and are the governing body of our student society. 

Peripheral Executive Team

These members provide support, motivation and take care of all the little details in a big way.

Students Representatives

The Student Reps ensure that the flow of communication between the various years of study in the Social Sciences and the MSSS can remain open.

Welcome Week Representatives

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Program Societies

11-Program specific societies that aim to showcase department versatility through academic and social programming.


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