MSSS Awards

And our MSSS Awards go to...

Lizmarie Correia

“My name is Lizmarie Correia and I am entering my third-year of Political Science with a specialization in public law and judicial studies this fall! Over the past two years of my undergraduate career I have dedicated a substantial amount of time to expanding my leadership skills, which makes winning this award extremely special! My experiences consist of starting 2 new MSU ratified clubs at McMaster University; GlamourGals McMaster and McMaster's Mooting Society. Both clubs are entirely different in nature but ultimately highlight my interests in social justice issues and law! These experiences have taught me so much about what it means to be a good leader and are truly my passion projects.”

Jessica Kangappaden

“This year as President of the LSSA was an incredible and challenging experience for me. I initially planned my presidency around in-person interactions and on-campus settings, however that clearly was not happening! To ensure another year of success for the LSSA, I worked with my team to transition our events online with a focus on academic events versus social events, I partnered with the School of Labour Studies to create and send out graduation gifts for Labour Studies students, and I implemented a Feedback Form for Labour Studies students to provide the LSSA and the School of Labour Studies feedback on how we can serve them better. These initiatives grew out of the need to connect the LSSA with Labour Studies students beyond in-person interaction, which I hope the next team can continue to do so!”

Christina Zhong

“My name is Christina Zhong, and I just completed my third year of the Psychology program. My leadership experience includes being the Vice President of the McMaster Alzheimer’s Society (MAS), a mentor for the MSSS Mentorship Program, and a Volunteer Team Representative for the McMaster Varsity Fencing Team.   As Vice President of the MAS, I contributed to its goals of raising awareness and receiving funds for Alzheimer’s disease research and programs by assisting in its operation, improving its potential by supporting club members, and initiating and contributing to awareness projects and events. As a mentor with the MSSS Mentorship Program, I provided academic guidance and social support to a second-year undergraduate student by answering her questions, suggesting and advising her on obtaining a research position, attending social events together, and acting as a positive role model by being my confident, friendly, and authentic self. As a Volunteer Team Representative, I contributed to positive outcomes for children in lower-income neighborhoods by promoting, initiating, and leading volunteer opportunities for team members of the McMaster Varsity Fencing Team to engage in recreational activities at afterschool programs.”


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