Attention Geography and Earth Sciences Students!

On Monday December 12, students in the SGES program can vote for their Undergraduate Rap on the SGES Director’s Selections Committee. Voting is closed-ballot from 2-4pm in the GESS office (BSB 346). Below is come info on your two candidates.

Name: Dylan Simone
Program: Honours Geography (III)
Throughout my past three years in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, I have been privileged to work with, and learn from, a number of the distinguished faculty within our Department. In this time, the outstanding character and dynamics of many of our Professors has become apparent. Having had the opportunity for collaboration through learning (classes), research (RA), and teaching (TA) environments has furthered this understanding. As such, I strive to attain the Undergraduate student position on the SGES Director Selection Committee, and believe my participation will benefit not only the student body and the Department, but the wider geographic community at large.

Name: Prateek Gupta
Program: Honours Integrated Science and Earth and Environmental Science (III)
Hey, I’d love the opportunity to be part of the committee to establish the new director for SGES.  I have been heavily involved in interacting with students here at McMaster, and I feel like I could to a great job representing the views of undergraduate students.  I am currently President for the iSci Society, 3rd Year Rep for the GESS, and President of the AAPG chapter.  I have communicated with students through these positions, but I always take an active approach in getting to know the students in each of my classes and labs, and I make a consistent effort to get to know the feelings and views of every student I meet in the department.  I also am very closely involved with the Faculty of Science as a whole, representing them at outreach and promotional events.  Beyond this, I have striven to develop relationships with the professor and TA of every course I’ve taken, whether it’s having a casual chat with them at the Phoenix, or discussing their research with them in their labs.  I am also privileged to have seen the department through the lens of a graduate student, as I have worked for the SGES as a researcher as part of my continuous work in Dr. Carolyn Eyles’ lab.  From my experiences here, I understand the role the Director plays in representing our program and managing not only the conduct in which undergraduate courses are run, but also how they directly impact the research experience of Graduate Students.  Lastly, I feel I have sufficient professional experience to be able to handle the role as the youngest member of the committee with class and professionalism.  I have constantly been the youngest in my work with local media, local politics, and through my work in fighting for investment in my business.  With these experiences, I am confident that I will be able to have the voice of the undergraduate students heard and valued through the discussions in this committee.  Thanks!