Be the next Valedictorian of your graduating class!

Hello all,

This is a notification that nominations for Valedictorian for the Spring 2014 Convocation will be opening on Monday, Februrary 10th at 9:00 AM, and will be closing 4 weeks later on Monday, March 10th, 2014.

For those unaware of the process, the Vice-President (Education) of the McMaster Students Union is responsible for creation of nomination packages and making them available for students. Information for 2014 Valedictorian can be found here: The application package is available to download on this page, and on February 4th, we will have the packages available for students at the main desk. Applicants are then directed to drop their application packages to their respective Office of the Associate Dean. I will also attach the PDF of the file for your reference.

Submitted nomination packages should have the following:

–          The nomination form itself (available on the MSU website or from the MSU Office in MUSC 201);

–          A two-page letter from the nominee, explaining why they want to be valedictorian;

–          Curriculum vitae or resume;

–          Two letters of reference: one must be from an academic source and one must be from a work of volunteer based source.

The MSU will ensure that the call for applications is advertised through the MSU website (information page, calendar event), in addition to informational posters on campus, a quarter-page advertisement in the Silhouette, and through email communication to Faculty/Program offices.

It is the responsibility of the Faculty/Program Offices to forward information on valedictorian applications to their respective departments and faculty members. Once nominations are closed, it is also the responsibility of the Faculty/Program offices to assemble and oversee the valedictorian selection committees (to ultimately select the valedictorian!).

To remind everyone, the committee structure for each selection committee is as follows:

–          Associate Dean, Director, or designate;

–          Faculty member appointed by the Associate Dean or designate;

–          Graduating student appointed by the Graduate Students Association;

–          MAPS student where possible;

–          Student from the MSU Student Representative Assembly of that faculty of MSU member appointed by the Vice-President (Education)

–          In cases where two academic divisions are being represented at one convocation, the representatives on the selection committee can be from either academic division. There must be at least one representative from both academic divisions on the committee.

Also for everyone’s reference, the MSU Operating Policy on Valedictorian Selection can be found here:

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! My contact information is below.

Thank you,

Spencer Graham

MSU Vice-President (Education)