CLA Study Participants Needed

One of MSU’s main priorities is to better understand learning outcomes. The MSU encourages you to participate in the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) study lead by Dr. Karen Menard (Associate Vice President – Institutional Research and Analysis). The CLA is a standardized test designed to measure students’ skills in critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication.

The results from the CLA program will help us better understand the outcomes of the undergraduate education. The CLA can help McMaster understand more about learning gains from different teaching strategies, how student skill development may differ by demographic characteristics, and whether skill development happens before a student enters university or during a students’ university education.

Currently the CLA project is seeking the participation of final-year Social Science Students. I would like to seek your help on encouraging the final year students in Social Sciences to participate this study.

In addition, participants will receive $25 cash and his/her academic skill results (which is a $30 value).

For more information about this study, please visit

To participate in this study you must be a final-year student from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Please email to participate in the CLA study.