Election and Referendum Results

Thank you to everyone who voted on Thursday and Friday! This was a fantastic election, with strong candidates for every position. We are happy to announce the results of the Election and the Experiential Education below!
Experiential Education Referendum Result
The EE Referendum successfully resulted in a $15 fee increase for next year. This increase will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the faculty. This will allow EE to continue and expand for the next three years.
MSSS 2012-2013 Executive Results
Vice President Administration: Emily Jones (102-63 win)
Vice President Academic: Maya Kanani (82-72 win)
Vice President Finance: Anne Marie Montpetit (100-57 win)
Vice President Programming: Alexis Nizzero (80-57 win)
Vice President External: Sophia Perugini (83-77 win)
Spirit Leader: Sarah Taylor (acclaimed)
Secretary: Jamie Lai (73-58 win)
 Thank you to everyone for voting, and congrats to all winners!