Exec Elections: Campaigning has started!

Here are the candidates for the 2012-2013 MSSS Executive!

Vice President Administration:
Bilal Husain
Emily Jones

Vice President Academic:
Mac Armstrong
Maya Kanani

Vice President Finance
Anne Marie Monpetit
Hamza Syed

Vice President Programming:
Katherine D’Addario
Alexis Nizzero
Ece Nur

Vice President External:
Alex Battick
Sophia Perugini

Spirit Leader:
Sarah Taylor (Acclaimed)

Jamie Lai
Maegan Cheng

You can find job descriptions about each positions each here: http://db.tt/DILDci5 Check out the facebook page here.

Voting for the Experiential Education Referendum will also be happening at the same time as the Executive elections.

The Voting is in KTH Lobby and Student Center Atrium between 8:30am to 4:30pm on February 9th and 10th For any questions facebook message or email Huzaifa Saeed at cro@themsss.com.