New Affiliated Certificates!

Have you ever been interested in having an affiliated certificate alongside your degree? If so, here is your chance. The Faculty of Social Sciences has some new affiliated certificates available to you!

Building on the success of our affiliated Certificate in Leadership and Management in the Not-for-Profit Sector and ourBusiness Studies Certificate the Faculty of Social Sciences is pleased to launch a new Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Certificate.

Social Sciences students in your department may enjoy the following electives:

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If you have further questions in regards to these new offered certificates, feel free to contact Liz Moore ( for more information.

Daily News Article ~ June 21st.

McMaster’s Faculty of Social Sciences has expanded its partnership with Mohawk College to offer McMaster students the opportunity to earn an applied behaviour analysis (ABA) affiliated certificate while they complete their social sciences degree.

The new ABA affiliated certificate focuses on the principles of applied behaviour analysis and its application to clinical populations, such as persons with autism, and is open to all BA and Honours BA social sciences students at McMaster who have completed their first year of studies.

“We are very excited about our newest affiliated certificate in applied behaviour analysis. These courses will introduce students to the ‘real world’ skills and knowledge needed to work with persons with autism and other clinical populations, and so further enhance their undergraduate studies,” says Lori Campbell, associate dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The applied behaviour analysis certificate program is designed for Faculty of Social Sciences students who are interested in pursuing careers in areas that require an understanding of evidence-based treatments and the implementation and evaluation of behavioural strategies.

In order to earn an ABA affiliated certificate, students will be required to complete six specific courses (18-credits) in place of six electives already required to earn a social sciences degree. This is the case for the already-offered certificate in leadership and management in the not-for-profit sector and the business studies certificate. All certificate courses are taught by Mohawk College instructors at the McMaster campus.

The first course in the ABA certificate program, called principles of applied behaviour analysis 1, will be offered beginning Fall 2013.

A group of 13 McMaster Faculty of Social Sciences students graduating at the 2013 Spring Convocation will be the first to receive both an affiliated certificate from Mohawk College – a Business Studies certificate – and an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

“This collaboration with Mohawk has truly been a success on a number of levels.  Our students have shown great interest in all of the affiliated certificates, and now we have our first cohort of graduates. We value this collaborative partnership with Mohawk as a Faculty and for the unique educational opportunities it allows us to bring to our undergraduate students,” says Campbell.