Cole Badiani


Goals for the MSSS

Goals coming soon!!

Year Plan

Program and Level:  Human Geography V

My favourite thing about McMaster: My favourite thing about McMaster would be the inclusion amongst all students, no matter their year or faculty. No matter what year you are in, or your faculty, everyone has one thing in common, they are McMaster students, and that McMaster pride is seen time and time again.

What I wish I knew in first year: I wish I knew all the great study locations McMaster has to offer. There are so many locations scattered across campus that were only revealed to me the further I got through my undergrad. Wish I had known them so that they were much more accessible and known to me!

A lesser known about me: A lesser known fact about me would be that I lived in New York!

Reasons to Contact Me: A reason to contact me would be questions regarding anything financial, as well as Welcome Week related! I can help from general Social Sciences inquiries all the way to specific expense issues.