The Constitution defines the responsibilities of the MSSS to you, its members, and provides the mission statement that guides day-to-day MSSS operations and decisions. To see what the MSSS is all about and what we strive to do for you, take a look!

MSSS Constitution

Operating Policies

The MSSS Policy Manual dictates the processes and procedures that the MSSS and its members must follow. If you’re looking for how to get reimbursed, how to become an MSSS Program Society or what the roles of each MSSS member are, here is where you’ll find it!

MSSS Policy Manual

Departmental Society Documents

Most social sciences departments at McMaster have their own department specific society funded in part by the McMaster Social Sciences Society. These clubs are responsible for organizing events (social and academic) for the students they represent. Here are all of the important documents that pertain to the maintenance and running of these clubs:

Clubs Handbook

If you have any questions, or concerns related to the MSSS Program Societies, feel free to send an email to