About Us

Our History

The McMaster Social Sciences Society was established by a group of committed and responsible individuals in 1988 with the main goal of enhancing the experience of undergraduate Social Sciences students at McMaster University. This objective has been accomplished throughout the years by different means, ranging from social and academic events to recreational and cultural activities.

Founding MSSS Executive Team (1988)


(left to right): Charles Selway (member-at-large), Kyle Johansen (vice-president), Dr. Peter George (Dean of Social Sciences), Schellie Maybee (president), Suzanne Sheffield (member-at-large), Maria Fortunato (events coordinator), Dave Moore (treasurer), Carla Momente (secretary).

The MSSS executive is composed of elected members organized in a hierarchical structure along with the various sub-committees and staff positions under the society. In addition, every full-time undergraduate student enrolled in the faculty of Social Sciences is a general member of the MSSS.

The Present

Since 1988, the MSSS has continued to grow and expand its original vision creating the opportunity for Social Sciences students the participate in various social and academic events while striving to foster an environment that promotes our guiding principles of unity, acceptance, and collaboration.

Fast forward almost thirty years later, with a budget of around a hundred thousand dollars, the Society supports and funds eleven groups and affiliates and aims to support over four thousand undergraduate student members.

Throughout the year the MSSS offers various academic and social events, with the aim of meeting the wide variety of interests within our diverse membership. These events range from coffee houses to pub nights; career panels to guest lectures and conferences.

The Future

Looking towards the future, the MSSS main goal is to increase student participation at the
general level while continuing to foster an inclusive community of Social Sciences students who are proud to be a part of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Our Team

Core Executive

The core executive makes up the heart of the MSSS, and are the governing body of our student society. Composed of the president and vice presidents of administration, finance, academics, programming, and external affairs, our executives ensure that all of the services and events provided by the MSSS continue to run as efficiently as possible as well as bring about new initiatives. Furthermore, the executives are a source of communication, always open to the wishes and needs of undergraduate social sciences students at McMaster University.

Name: Madeleine Raad
Position: President
Email: president@themsss.com
Program: Geography and Environmental Studies with a Minor in Sustainability V

Name: Melissa Marques
Position: Vice-President Programming
Email: vpprogramming@themsss.com
Program: Geography and Political Science IV

Name: Tanisha Palmer
Position: Vice-President Academic
Email: vpacademic@themsss.com
Program: Health and Society with a Minor in Linguistics III

Name: Lauren Breen
Position: Vice-President Administration
Email: vpadmin@themsss.com
Program: Health, Aging and Society III

Name: Melissa Darby
Position: Vice-President External
Email: vpexternal@themsss.com
Program: Social Work Specialization in Child Welfare III 

Name: Cole Badiani
Position: Vice-President Finance
Email: vpfinance@themsss.com
Program: Human Geography IV

Peripheral Executive Team

An essential part of the MSSS team is made up of the peripheral executive. These positions are a unique mix, including our Internal Assistant, Formal Committee, Chief Elections and Policies Officer, Outreach Coordinator, Photography Coordinator, Media Design Coordinator, as well as our Welcome Week Planners and Shinerama Coordinators. These members provide support, motivation and take care of all the little details in a big way.

Name: Siobhan Teel
Position: Internal Assistant
Email: internalassistant@themsss.com
Program: Political Science IV

Name: Megan Lesiuta
Position: Outreach Coordinator
Email: outreach@themsss.com
Program: Social Work with a Minor in Indigenous Studies III

Name: Rachel Walker
Position: Photography Coordinator
Email: photographer@themsss.com
Program: Health and Aging II

Name: Haley Siddall
Position: Formal Committee
Program: Anthropology IV

Name: Tamara Sirmakesyan
Position: Formal Committee
Program: Psychology IV

Name: Harmeen Pannu
Position: Chief Returning Officer
Email: elections@themsss.com
Program:Political Science and Sociology with a Minor in Mental Health, Addictions & Society V

Name: Makayla Roth
Position: Sponsorship Coordinator
Email: sponsorshipcoordinator@themsss.com
Program: Social Psychology IV with the Business Certificate

Name: Reanna Frois 
Position: Media & Design Coordinator
Email: mediadesign@themsss.com
Program: Aging and Society & Health and Society III

Name: Allison Van Kessel
Position: Formal Co-Chair
Email: formal@themsss.com
Program: Health Studies with a Minor in Mental Health & Addictions IV

Name: Drew Mackie
Position: Formal Co-Chair
Email: formal@themsss.com
Program: Anthropology IV

Name: Maryam Denno
Position: Formal Committee
Program: Social Psychology with a Minor in Business

Name: Alta Bennett
Position: Wellness Liaison 
Email: wellness@themsss.com
Program: Social Psychology III

Name: John Blyskis
Position: Wellness Liaison 
Email: wellness@themsss.com
Program: Social Sciences I 

Student Representatives

As a team, the student reps aim to plan events throughout the year under the supervision of the VP Programming. The Student Reps ensure that the flow of communication between the various years of study in the Social Sciences and the MSSS can remain open. As well, student reps help out in terms of poster distribution, class announcements, online promoting and overall MSSS promotions.

Name: Aklil Noza
Position: Student Representative
Email: studentreps@themsss.com
Program: Health and Society III

Name: Namya Tandon
Position: Student Representative
Email: studentreps@themsss.com
Program: Social Psychology IV

Name: Navi Abbas
Position: 1st Year Representative
Email: firstyearreps@themsss.com
Program: Social Sciences I 

Name: Victoria Scimeca
Position: Student Representative
Email: studentreps@themsss.com
Program: Social Psychology with a Minor in Mental Health & Addictions

Name: Taylor Gronkowski
Position: 1st Year Representative
Email: firstyearreps@themsss.com
Program: Social Sciences I 

Welcome Week Team

Name: Tanisha Palmer
Position: Welcome Week Planner 
Email: wwplanners@themsss.com

Name: Esther Arase
Position: Welcome Week Planner 
Email: wwplanners@themsss.com

Name: Lauren Breen
Position: Welcome Week Planner 
Email: wwplanners@themsss.com

Blu Cru

Our Welcome Week Reps aren’t just reps, they’re members of the Blu Cru; it is a full year commitment, and are not limited to bringing the fun and energy during Welcome Week! They dedicate their love and joy to bringing first years and students in the Social Sciences the best undergraduate years of their life.

Blu Cru members are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the bees knees, the cherry on top. Blu Cru members help out with our events, whether they help plan or run it or they just show up, they’re always around supporting Soc Sci.

If having tons of fun at Soc Sci events sounds like your kind of thing, why not join?! Apply to be a Welcome Week Rep for next September!

SRA Social Sciences

The Student Representative Assembly, or “the SRA”, is a governing body of the McMaster Students Union, which is the organization responsible for representing McMaster students’ interests both internally to the university and externally to the various levels of government and other organizations. The SRA is made up entirely by elected undergraduate students from many various faculties, of which Social Sciences is one.

For Social Sciences Students, the SRA has several seats which are filled by elected Social Sciences students to represent the faculty of Social Sciences and the McMaster student community as a whole. These positions are held for a year and then opened once again for election.

Email: srassci@msu.mcmaster.ca

Twitter: @SRASocSci

Facebook: SRA Social Sciences