Core Executive Team

The core executive team makes up the heart of the MSSS, and are the governing body of our student society. 

Composed of the president and vice presidents of administration, finance, academics, programming, and external affairs, our executives ensure that all of the services and events provided by the MSSS continue to run as efficiently as possible as well as bring about new initiatives. 

Furthermore, the executives are a source of communication, always open to the wishes and needs of undergraduate social sciences students at McMaster University.

Core Executive Members

About Me

Hello friends, my name is Salsa Sarhan (she/her) and I am the MSSS President for the 2021-2022 school year. I’m going into my fourth year of Political Sciences and Labour Studies with a Minor in Public Leadership. I’m obsessed with huskies and German shepherds, so if you have one please send photos of your doggo💛 Fun fact: I am a huge Marvel fanatic, so if I’m not capturing photos of my city, catch me binge watching everything in the MCU.

Salsa Sarhan

Position: President

Program: Political Sciences and Labour Studies, Minor in Public Leadership IV

About Me

My name is Shivaansh Khanna (he/him) and I was recently elected your MSSS Vice President for the 2021-2022 academic year. I’m in my third year of Honours Political Science, specializing in Public Law and Judicial Studies. I plan to do a minor in French as well! Aside from my involvement with the MSSS, I’m a varsity member of the McMaster Mooting Society. For my hobbies, I enjoy reading (please send me book recommendations and we can talk about them), hiking, and I’ve been trying to get more into cooking! I’m so looking forward to connecting with everyone and making this year as incredible as it can be! See y’all around ❤

Shivaansh Khanna

Position: Vice-President Administration


ProgramPolitical Science, Specialization in Public Law and Judicial Studies III

About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca (she/her) and I'm in my third year of Health and Society with a specialization in mental health and addiction and I am also pursuing a Business Studies certificate. As VP Programming I am responsible for the planning and implementation of the social events for the MSSS and the yearly formal alongside the student reps and formal committee. A couple fun facts about me are I have a puppy named Amora and I love to bake! If you have any questions or concerns about the MSSS social events feel free to email me anytime!

Rebecca Cecim

Position: Vice-President Programming


Program: Health and Society, Specialization in Mental Health and Addiction III

About Me

Hi friends! My name is Tuqa (she/her), I'm in my third year of Political Science Specializing in Public Law and Judicial Studies. I am your VP External this year, which means I am in charge of everything related to our external image as the MSSS! I specifically run our social media and this website, as well as focus on the charitable aspect of our Society. A fun fact about me is that I like to get into a new art-based hobby every other week! I've been super into painting and crocheting lately! If you have any questions about anything related to the MSSS, feel free to contact us through our social media, this website, or even my email located at the bottom. I'm always more than happy to chat!

Tuqa Al-Rammahi

Position: Vice-President External


Program: Political Science, Specialization in Public Law and Judicial Studies III

About Me

Hi! My name is Almitra Phukan (she/her) and I am a third-year Hons. Political Science Specialization in Global Citizenship student. I am so excited to be your VP Academic for the year! I look forward to making this year super fun (and hopefully ease the zoom burnout I know we're all experiencing) with all the academic events and programs we have planned for you! If you have any questions or ever want to chat, feel free to send me an email. A fun fact about me is that I've lived in over 7 countries and have picked up 4 languages in the process!

Almitra Phukan

Position: Vice-President Academic


Program: Political Science, Specialization in Global Citizenship III

About Me

Interested in running for Vice President Finance? We will be having an election during the 2021/22 year! Stay tuned!

Samira Abdillahi

Position: Vice-President Finance


Program: Political Science IV

Our Team

Core Executive Team

The core executive team makes up the heart of the MSSS, and are the governing body of our student society. 

Peripheral Executive Team

These members provide support, motivation and take care of all the little details in a big way.

Students Representatives

The Student Reps ensure that the flow of communication between the various years of study in the Social Sciences and the MSSS can remain open.

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Program Societies

11-Program specific societies that aim to showcase department versatility through academic and social programming.

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